The Manic Panic Professional Lightening System is a  powerful duo, perfectly formulated for use with all Manic Panic® Professional Gel Hair Colors!

• Vegan formula
• Up to 7 levels of lift
• Smooth Creamy consistency that stays moist during processing
• Dust-free
1. Add two full scoops (38 grams) of Manic Panic Professional Lightener Powder to a non-metallic mixing bowl. Measure 4 oz (118 ml) of Manic Panic Professional Developer and add to powder. Mix well until all the powder is completely dissolved. Let stand one minute to allow the mixture will thicken.
2. Apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair as desired. Check results every 10 minutes for progress.
3. Once the desired level of lift is achieved, rinse carefully and shampoo thoroughly until all residue is completely removed from the hair. Maximum application time: 40 minutes. Blends smoothly to a thick and creamy texture, lifts the hair evenly to create a uniform base for Manic Panic Professional hair colors.
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